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Fruit Chillers

Fruit Chillers



  • Easy to open, easy to hold, easy to dispense
  • Convenient and portable
  • Several easy-open solutions available, including Printpack's proprietary SimpleTear® technology - no notch required

Win with the trend toward fast paced and portable foods. Take advantage of Stickpack, the versatile package format that’s ideal for hand held convenience, portion control, and active lifestyles.  Add Printpack’s SimpleTear® technology, and you’ve got a winning combination.


  • Stick shaped packages formed on high speed multi-lane machines
  • Suitable for dry or liquid products (including hot fill, aseptic and high
 pressure pasteurization)  
  • Several easy-open solutions are available to complement your product and
   consumer requirements, including our proprietary SimpleTear technology  


  • Hand Held Convenience – easy to open, easy to hold, easy to dispense
  • Portability – create more use occasions for “on the go”
  • Portion Control – no need to calculate calories or measure product
  • Versatile Sizing – range from 0.5” to over 2.0” flat pouch width, and from 1.0” to 10.0” long
  • “True Stick” style has a tubular shape during filling which results in a more efficient ratio of fill volume to material (~25% more efficient than a two web sachet)

What can your business do with Stickpack?

  • Delivers convenience, portion control and portability 
  • Increases consumer use occasions
  • Creates a consistent user experience for products like beverage mixes, seasonings and dressings
  • Slim, sleek shape compliments a healthy, hip brand

Printpack has commercial experience with a wide variety of stickpack applications and can provide customized laminations to meet your products unique needs.  Our customers benefit from our understanding of form, fill and seal equipment and material solutions that are optimized for efficient production.  Several easy-open solutions are available to complement your product and consumer requirements.

Stickpacks can be used in a vast array of markets including:  applesauce, baby foodbeverage mixes, cleaning concentrates, coffee & creamercondiments & sauces, frozen treats, gels & pastes, headache powder, lotion, pumpable liquids, seasoning & spice mixes, shampoos & soaps, soup mixes, unit dose pharmaceuticals, and yogurt.


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