Brand Enhancements

Brand Enhancements

Product Protection

Packaging has consistently played a major role in containing the product and protecting it. Packaging has also been the main format for communicating brand values and benefits. Printpack is dedicated to enhancing the consumer experience by providing quality, eye catching, and convenient packaging. With our reclosable pouches and bags becoming very popular, we are continuously growing and finding ways to enhance consumer products.

Winning at the Shelf

Consumers have more options in the retail environment than ever before. Competition on the shelf is steep and brand owners and private labels alike are feeling the pressure to stand out. Formatting, shape, materials, and graphics all play a critical role in upholding shelf-presence and enhancing the in-store experience. By combining our unique insights into consumer preference with advanced technological capabilities, such as specialty inks that can truly make a color “pop” off the shelf, Printpack can heighten brand recognition and help capture market share.

Enhancing the Consumer Experience

Packaging is one of the most operative communicators of a brand’s identity and can serve as an effective piece of advertising in the home. Brands can improve customer retention by utilizing features that enrich and simplify the consumer experience. Printpack’s engineering team is skilled in the art of making packages that are easier to use – employing reclosable solutions, peelable materials, tear-optimized materials, and more. Our collaborative development and innovation process helps ensure a positive consumer experience throughout the entire usage cycle, promoting repeat purchases and supporting overall brand loyalty.


More now than ever before, brands in all categories are being challenged to use packaging and processes that reduce emissions, minimize waste and consume fewer natural resources. We help brands do this by focusing on the Four P’s – People, Purpose, Product and Process. For more than 55 years we have collaborated with brand owners to design and deliver packaging solutions and manufacturing processes that are sensitive to the environment and the communities they target. Printpack uses the latest technology and most advanced high performance materials together with source reducing package design to deliver on the expectations that consumers have for the brands they affiliate with.