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Printpack is dedicated to enhancing the consumer experience by providing quality, eye catching, and convenient packaging.

Packaging is easily one of the most effective pieces of advertising available when communicating brand identity in the home. Brands can improve customer retention by using specific design features to reinforce and streamline the consumer experience. Printpack's engineering team is skilled in the art of making packages that are easier to use – employing re-closable solutions, peel-able materials, tear-optimized materials, and more. Our collaborative development and innovation process helps ensure a positive consumer experience throughout the entire usage cycle, promoting repeat purchases and supporting overall brand loyalty.

At Printpack, we're proud of our packaging process, protecting and securing the product is our primary concern. We also recognize and utilize packaging as a way to communicate brand values and product benefits. In addition to our eye-catching and easy-to-use packaging, our re-sealable pouches and bags have also gained in popularity because we continuously strive to provide quality consumer experiences by finding new and improved ways to enhance our products.

Printpack Brand Enhancements Protect Your Product

Consumers in the 21st century have more options than ever before, competition is steep. Brand owners and private labels face increasing pressure to stand out from the crowd. This is why design elements play a huge part in formatting and shaping materials, while cutting-edge graphics help create a distinct shelf-presence– enhancing the overall experience. Our unique insights into consumer preference and advanced technological capabilities allow us to employ specialty inks that “pop” off the shelf. Let Printpack increase your brand recognition and help capture your market share one well-designed package at a time.

Printpack Brand Enhancements Winning at the Shelf

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Find out the latest information on our award-winning packages, new product innovations, sustainability initiatives and company investments.

Printpack Wins AmeriStar Packaging Award

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) awarded Printpack an AmeriStar Award for PepsiCo’s Granola Goes Nuts easy-open laser scored bars. IoPP announced 21 winners in its 2018 AmeriStar Package Awards

Printpack Announces Major Re-Investment

Printpack’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Love, announced that the company was making a major investment in the company’s Prescott Valley, AZ, manufacturing plant. Mr. Love’s announcement came during

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