Coffee and Tea

Printpack is an industry leader in coffee and tea packaging. We provide a variety of packaging formats for coffee and tea beverages such as single serve pods, brick packs, frac packs, and more.

Brick Pack
Brick Pack
  • High barrier lamination for oxygen, moisture and aroma
  • High fidelity printing for shelf appeal
  • Compatible across machinery lines
Single Serve Pods
Coffee Pods and Lidding
  • Proprietary co-extruded structure for superior shelf-life
  • Patented cup design maximizes puncturability in the brewer
  • Available in polypropylene or polystyrene structures
  • Shorten new product launch timelines with the stock cup program
Frac Pack
Coffee and Tea Frac Pack
  • Economical and effective structure for single pot fractional packaging
  • Flexmet ultra barrier films provide superior oxygen and moisture protection against flex-cracks and pinholes throughout the distribution chain
Shrink sleeves
Coffee and Tea Shrink Pack
  • Full body shrink sleeves for 360 degree graphic billboard combined with high fidelity printing
  • Compatible with unique shapes
Stick packs
Coffee Stick Packs
  • Stick shaped packages formed on high speed multi-lane machines
  • Suitable for dry or liquid products (including hot fill, aseptic and high
 pressure pasteurization)
  • Several easy-open solutions are available to complement your product and
 consumer requirements, including our proprietary SimpleTear technology
Side gusset bag
Coffee Tea Side Gusset
  • A pouch with two side gussets and a bottom seal
  • Various sizes available
  • Multiple consumer convenience features such as re-sealable zippers, tear notches, etc.
Stand up pouch
Coffee Tea Stand Up Pouch
  • Stand out on the shelf and stand up in the fridge.
  • Available in a wide range of high barrier packaging materials to meet your product’s needs
  • Available in premade pouches or roll stock
*Other packaging formats available. Please contact us for more information.