Lawn and Garden

New trends are constantly being introduced in the Lawn and Garden market. Therefore, Printpack is constantly staying on top of these trends. Printpack is a packaging supplier for lawn and garden products. We understand that lawn and garden products can get a bit messy after the bag has been opened; therefore, we offer multiple bag formats for consumer convenience. For example, our quad seal bag has many features that are beneficial to the consumer after a long day of working in the yard. The quad seal bag comes in a pouch with a slider for closure options. This is the perfect way to ensure that extra time doesn’t have to be spent trying to find a way to close the bag and keep it secured.

Lawn and Garden
Quad seal
Lawn and Garden Quad Seal
  • Wide range of material options for barrier and toughness
  • Sizes range from 2 lbs. to 60+ lbs.
  • Folded and glued bottom or standard “pinch” bottom
  • Press-to-close zipper, slider or pressure-sensitive label closure options
  • Micro-perforation venting
  • Optional laser-scoring for easy open
Woven PP
Woven PP
  • The most efficient flexible material structures in the industry with natural moisture barrier, high strength, and no adverse impact on food palatability
  • Latest step-cut technology offers alternatives to the traditional sewn bag closure, increasing speed and sealing efficiency
  • Pinch-bottom results in an uninterrupted bottom panel for end-out merchandising
  • Multiple consumer convenience features such as slider reclose and one-time easy open
Shrink sleeve
Lawn and Garden Shrink Sleeve
  • Full body shrink sleeves for 360 degree graphic billboard combined with high fidelity printing
  • Compatible with unique shapes
Stand up pouch
Lawn and Garden Stand Up Pouch
  • Stand out and stand up on the shelf
  • Available in a wide range of high barrier packaging materials to meet your product’s needs
  • Available in premade pouches or roll stock
*Other packaging formats available. Please contact us for more information.