Printpack Wins Silver Award

On Wednesday, March 1, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) awarded Printpack a Silver Award for helping transition Lonza from a corrugated box into flexible packaging and extending the use of flexible packaging.

Lonza chose flexible packaging for two reasons – first, it was found that their cardboard boxes would deteriorate over time, requiring product to be repackaged, and second, they wanted to stand out on the shelf with distinctive and unique packaging. This pool chemical package is an example of a successful, non-food conversion to flexible in a market that is dominated by cartons and plastic containers.

HTH pool chemicals have traditionally been packed in corrugated cartons. Each carton would hold either six or ten one-pound packages of pool chemical. It was found, however, that the corrugated boxes would deteriorate over time, and unsold product then had to be repacked into new corrugated boxes.
Printpack’s flexible Showpack® flat bottom bags have a longer life cycle and do not need to be repacked at the same rate as the corrugated boxes.

Repacking less often means a savings of time and money, simply as a result of moving to flexible packaging. Because the packaging is lighter weight and takes up less space, it provides considerable sustainablility benefits. Additionally, the flexible package helps differentiate the HTH brand from competitors in the water treatment section of retailers. Most competitors’ products are in cartons or plastic tubs, so the flexible packaging offers HTH chemicals a unique shelf presence.

Printpack is honored to be recognized by the FPA for its advancements in flexible packaging technology.

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About Printpack
Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Printpack is a privately-held manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging. Employing 3,000+ associates worldwide, the company operates 19 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico and China.