Value Added Features

Value Added Features
Printpack offers a variety of value added packaging features. We have a wide range of packaging capabilities. To name a few, oxygen packaging, resealable packaging, and barrier packaging are packaging features that have become very popular, as the demand for these attributes have increased over the years.

Re-Seal It
  • Simply peel to open and swipe to re-close
  • Combines a patented label technology with high performance barrier films to provide an innovative easy open feature with repeatable “swipe” re-seal
  • Engineered adhesive formulation for repeatable performance
  • Gaming and custom promotions
  • Capability to code inside or outside of the packages to optimize gaming experience
  • Can be paired with our reseal-it option for a peel and reveal gaming option
  • Up to 14 characters
Laser Scoring
  • Ensures controlled and preferential scoring depth for easy opening of packages.
  • Clean and consistent tear over mechanical scoring.
  • Allows tear propagation without affecting barrier properties.
  • Scoring can be straight or contoured for easy opening features or for creating shelf impact
  • Different materials like PET, OPP (Coated or non coated), PE, Nylon, PS, PLA, paper or multilayered laminates of these materials can be laser scored.
  • Variety of applications ranging from snack food / confectionery, easy open tear strips in SUPs or side gusset bags with reclosable features like zippers or sliders.
Clear Barrier
  • High Barrier, Medium Barrier, Low Barrier
  • Heat seal and cold seal packaging structures,
  • Solutions for both VFFS and HFFS and stand up pouches,
  • OPP and polyester (PET) solutions,
  • Allowing for product visibility,
  • High focus on nutraceutical ( bars, granola) Moisture and oxygen barrier
Striped Metallized
  • Customized shielding made in house so we can offer custom packaging formats
  • FFS machines or stand up pouch designs
  • Aesthetics, Shelf appeal, or barrier, moisture, oxygen and partial light (barrier)
  • Package Barrier modeling based clear window in package, design stripe to align with graphic design and enhance shelf appeal
  • Minimum clear striped 1.5”
OTM – Over-the-Mountain
Low seal initiation, high seal strength, metallized BOPP primarily used as the sealable inner sealant web in extrusion lamination applications
  • Good moisture barrier
  • Compatible with both adhesive and extrusion laminations
  • Wide sealing range
  • Excellent ultimate heat seal strength – hermetic seal
  • Embossed tactile properties incorporated right into your flexible packaging
  • Available with different structures to fit your product’s needs
  • Economical and easy to implement
  • Slider
  • Press to Close
  • Inno-lok
  • Hook to Hook (Aplix)
Laser Perforation
  • Used to extended shelf life of perishable foods
Cold Seal
  • Water-based coating that selectively adheres to itself when pressure is applied
  • No heat required for seal initiation
  • Seal integrity equal to that of heat-seal structures
  • Airtight seals can be achieved with Printpack’s high performance formulation; seal strength of 300-600g/inch width is typical
  • FDA approved for direct food contact