The food service industry is popular worldwide, as many people depend on it for everyday living. With this knowledge, it is very important that the packaging for the food needs to be of great quality. This is where Printpack can be of assistance. Printpack offers viscopacks which are food service flexible packaging bags. These clear barrier bags offer many advantages for this particular industry because people enjoy having the opportunity to see the product while it’s still in the bag. They are also great for chefs or anybody preparing the food.

Viscopacks packages

Viscopack® Installation Requirements
  • Power: 230 VAC 3 phase 50 amp with ground
  • Air: not to exceed 25 CFM, 80 psi minimum, 120 psi maximum
  • Space: machine footprint 2211 mm (L) X 1325 mm (W) X 1855 MM (H)
Viscopack® Features
  • Stainless steel construction, sanitary design for complete wash down
  • Easy access frame design for maintenance and cleaning
  • Allen Bradley control package for industry-leading controls and global support
  • Allen Bradley Panel View 1000 HMI touch screen for easy operator use
  • Temperature controls integrated with main control panel
  • Vacuum assist film feed belts for consistent bag length
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Designed with universal parts for easy maintenance
  • Proprietary seal design for improved seal performance
  • Product holding tank and pump sized to meet production requirements
Viscopack in use
Film Handling
  • Roll size: capacity for up to 23” OD rolls
  • Core: 6” diameter fi lm spindle with air-actuated core locking
Viscopacks packages
Package Size Range
  • Flat bag width: 65mm – 300mm (2.5 inch – 11.8 inch)
  • Bag cutoff length: 150mm – 600mm (5.9 inch – 23.6 inch)
Viscopack in Use
Machine Fill Speeds
  • 2.5 oz – 4 lb fi ll packages run at 65 – 80 ppm
  • 4 lb – 8 lb fi ll packages run at 45 – 60 ppm
Viscopack in Use
Machine Speed Determined By
  • Product viscosity
  • Product particulate characteristics
  • Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Operator skill level