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When it comes to bread marketing, typically there's a long list of tasks to complete, anything from launching a new ad to developing a social media campaign. But when it comes to packaging, Printpack has you covered. In addition to making your package stand out on a crowded shelf, we can help get your new product to market, withstand the often bumpy distribution process, or create sales samples. It's why the most trusted brands in the bread business choose to partner with us for their promotion and market research needs.

Product Formats

Printpack specializes in bread packaging. Often, bread tends to be difficult to open and close. However, our easy-open packaging is great for resealability. We provide clear packaging and wicketed bags, along with additional features.

Wicketed Bag
Wicketed Bag
Film extruding in-house
Printing in up to 10 colors
Full range of bag sizes
Additional features available for easy opening and re-closing