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Digital Art Requirements

Printpack Digital Art Requirements (updated December 2020)

File Format

  • Files should be submitted in Adobe Illustrator format.
  • Pantone colors are to be clearly defined.
  • For jobs printed on clear substrate, with a window, or on foil with a foil reveal, you will need a white overprint layer in the Illustrator file. This layer must be the top layer, set to overprint or darken.
  • The swatch color for white must be a spot color and be called HPI-White.
  • Placed images (ct’s) should be linked to the Illustrator file.
  • Images should be CMYK psd’s or CMYK EPS files and at least 300dpi resolution.
  • Two files should be submitted. One file with live text and a duplicate file with outlined text.
    A file with outlined text is a must.
  • Zip the Illustrator file and all support files together. Name the zip file with the following format –
    CUSTOMER NAME_short (ex. SHORTY’S PIZZA_3 oz
  • Contact Printpack Digital Graphics Coordinator for instructions on uploading files.


  • All colors, including spot colors, are converted to process builds in pre-press.
  • If they are any special match colors (not Pantone callouts) that are requested by the customer, then a sample of that color will need to be supplied for matching.
  • Consult with a Printpack representative for specific color match requirements.

Variable Data

  • Variable data should be submitted in an excel document with headers clearly defined across row 1 with the variable information in the rows under each header.
  • A database .csv file can also be submitted.
  • Data from other database programs can be used if the file can be converted into a .csv file.

Press Proofs

Virtual press proofs are available.