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Manufacturing Capabilities

Trailblazers in Rotogravure and More!

Printpack leads the industry in manufacturing capabilities. Our approach to flexography, rotogravure, blown film, and other printing methods have garnered much recognition throughout the years and we couldn’t be more grateful. We’re committed to providing quality products and award-winning packages by continuing to strive for excellence day in and day out.


  • A solvent/water based or solventless lamination is used to combine two or more layers
  • The adhesive can perform additional functions, such as: resistance to chemical migration, maintaining bond during high temperature processing, combining layers without adding bulk and barrier
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Adhesive Lamination
  • Annular die
  • Forms by melting into tube with multiple distinct layers
  • Air cooled, therefore higher crystallinity
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Blown Film
  • Coat hanger die
  • Forms melt into single sheet with multiple distinct layers
  • Rapid quenching with cooled chill roll
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Cast Film

Design Flexibility

  • Printing options that go beyond the capabilities of flexo and roto such as variable content and hyper-customization
  • Custom codes for gaming and personalization
  • Reduced risk to experiment with new designs and packaging formats

Product Flexibility

  • More timely and relevant product offerings
  • Packaging for seasonal/calendar/event-based promotions and limited editions
  • Packaging for heat-seal or cold-seal applications

Inventory Flexibility

  • Order sizes that fit product demand
  • Order sizes that fit marketing campaigns
  • No investment in printing plates or engraved cylinders
  • Reduction of obsolete inventory
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Digital Printing
  • Molten plastic (or extrudate) is used to combine two or more layers
  • The extruded can add or enhance properties, such as: bulk, toughness, puncture resistance, barrier (gas, flavor/aroma, moisture, chemical) opacity, and zero cure time
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Extrusion Lamination
  • Raised image printing plates
  • Fluid inks wiped by a metal doctor blade
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Flexography
  • Engraved copper cells at various depths
  • Printing cylinder touches the substrate and transfers the ink
Printpack Manufacturing Capabilities - Rotogravure