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Product Formats

When it comes down to it, fresh produce requires safety precautions, and Printpack is definitely a stickler for safety. When packaging products such as spinach, broccoli, and a mix of veggies, it is important to ensure that the product is well contained. With healthy living and eating being heavily promoted, we want to ensure that the package that is containing the food is also healthy. While Printpack is an industry leader in packaging fresh produce, we have a wide range of capabilities that are compiled with multiple features. For example, our easy-peel flexible packaging comes in Freshgard bags. Not only is this bag re-closable, but it also has microwavable options. We’ve even added an easy-open, peelable seal, which will provide the perfect opportunity for re-close.



Broad range of modified-atmosphere packaging attained through film
Technology and microperforation
Customizable transmission rates based on each product's natural respiration chemistry
Available in rollstock, lidstock, and pre-made bags
Microwaveable and steaming options for consumer convenience
Re-close options for multi-serve packs
Registered anti-fog available for outstanding product visibility
Now available with easy-open, peelable seal