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Printpack is pleased to offer a training course for our customers

Printpack offers training courses through the Printpack Packaging Institute. Since the inaugural session in 2007, the program has consistently received exceedingly high marks from the attendees.

The training is designed to provide an understanding of flexible and thermoformed packaging from design to customer use. By utilizing packaging mockups and packaging prototyping to convey packaging trends that Printpack manufactures, the two and a half interactive curriculum offers participants an overview of packaging materials. Each of these components are essential in providing packaging that satisfies design criteria and promotes merchandising. Contact your sales representative for more information or contact us at

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Find out the latest information on our award-winning packages, new product innovations, sustainability initiatives, and company investments.

Printpack Wins AmeriStar Packaging Award

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) awarded Printpack an AmeriStar Award for PepsiCo’s Granola Goes Nuts easy-open laser scored bars. IoPP announced 21 winners in its 2018 AmeriStar Package Awards

Printpack Announces Major Re-Investment

Printpack’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Love, announced that the company was making a major investment in the company’s Prescott Valley, AZ, manufacturing plant. Mr. Love’s announcement came during

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