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Sustainable Platform Development:
Recyclable Polyethylene (PE)
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Why Recyclable Polyethylene Packaging?

Recyclable Polyethylene (PE) packaging offers many of the benefits of current flexible packaging including ease of transport, product to package weight ratio, reduction of carbon footprint, as well as several barrier options.

Our dedicated Product Development team maintains relationships with leading partners to ensure brands can effectively communicate recyclability to consumers. With over 18,000 Store Drop-Off Recycle locations available for Recyclable Polyethylene packaging it is easier than ever to offer Recyclable Polyethylene packaging to consumers.


We have established partnerships with non-governmental organizations to broaden our expertise and build more credibility with clients.

Plastics Industry Association
American Chemistry Council logo
The Associated Plastic Recyclers
W.R.A.P. Plastic Recycling
W.R.A.P. Plastic Recycling

Store Drop-Off Recyclable Insights

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85 Percent Bubble
85 Percent Bubble

Respondents who say they are or may be more likely to buy a product with the How2Recycle logo

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91 Percent Bubble
91 Percent Bubble

Americans who live within 10 miles of a store with a drop-off bin

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78 Percent Bubble
91 Percent Bubble

Respondents who think that How2Recycle is easy or somewhat easy to understand

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Source: How2Recycle

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