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X-ccelerate Your Supply Chain

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Our customers are the world’s leading consumer brands. X-ccelerator is Printpack’s Customer Self-Service Platform. It is designed to revolutionize our customers’ experience by putting business-critical information directly into the hands of those who need it most.

With X-ccelerator, you can leverage real-time information directly from our internal systems, giving better visibility and insight to your packaging supply chain than ever before.

computer and tablet screen with X-cellerator info

Key Functionality & Features

track production icon

Track Production Orders & Shipments

Real-time tracking of all your orders and shipments.

place orders icon

Place & Manage Orders

Place new orders.
View and change existing orders.

order history icon

View & Download Order History

Simple, direct access to all orders and shipments.

inventories icon

View & Manage Inventories

Real-time visibility into existing inventories and future order coverage.

inquiries and details icon

Item Inquiries & Detail

Detailed information on your active SKU portfolio.

payments icon

View Invoices & Manage Payments

Get copies of your invoices and manage payments online.

85% of our customers said a portal where they could track orders and shipments, view and manage orders, and view inventories would be very valuable.

Get Started with

To get started with X-ccelerator, email, or contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative.