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Enhancement Options

Enhanced Packaging Features

Printpack offers a variety of value-added packaging features. We have a wide range of packaging capabilities. To name a few, oxygen packaging, resealable packaging, and barrier packaging are packaging features that have become very popular, as the demand for these attributes has increased over the years.

  • High barrier, medium barrier, low barrier
  • Heat seal and cold seal packaging structures
  • Solutions for both VFFS and HFFS and stand-up pouches
  • OPP and polyester (PET) solutions
  • Allowing for product visibility
  • High focus on nutraceutical (bars, granola) moisture and oxygen barrier
Printpack Value Added Features - Clear Barrier
  • Water-based coating that selectively adheres to itself when pressure is applied
  • No heat required for seal initiation
  • Seal integrity equal to that of heat seal structures
  • Airtight seals can be achieved with Printpack’s high-performance formulation; seal strength of 300-600g/inch width is typical
  • FDA approved for direct food contact
Printpack Value Added Features - Cold Seal

Exothermix is a cutting-edge portable heating solution that will increase your market potential due to the wide variety of benefits and overall increased functionality. Exclusive features strengthen brand identity and optimize market strategies. Printpack offers packaging solutions for all your packaging needs.

Printpack Value Added Features - Exothermix
  • Embossed tactile properties incorporated right into your flexible packaging
  • Available with different structures to fit your product’s needs
  • Economical and easy to implement
Printpack Value Added Features - Impress
  • Gaming and custom promotions
  • Capability to code inside or outside of the packages to optimize gaming experience
  • Can be paired with our reseal-it option for a peel-and-reveal gaming option
  • Up to 14 characters
Printpack Value Added Features - Inkjet
  • Used to extended the shelf life of perishable foods
Printpack Value Added Features - Laser Perforation
  • Ensures controlled and preferential scoring depth for easy opening of packages
  • Clean and consistent tear over mechanical scoring
  • Allows tear propagation without affecting barrier properties
  • Scoring can be straight or contoured for easy-opening features or for creating shelf impact
  • Different materials like PET, OPP (coated or non coated), PE, Nylon, PS, PLA, paper, or multilayered laminates of these materials can be laser scored
  • Variety of applications ranging from snack food/confectionery, easy-open tear strips in SUPs, or side gusset bags with re-closable features like zippers or sliders
Printpack Value Added Features - Laser Scoring

Low-seal initiation, high-seal strength, metallized BOPP primarily used as the sealable inner sealant web in extrusion lamination applications

  • Good moisture barrier
  • Compatible with both adhesive and extrusion laminations
  • Wide sealing range
  • Excellent ultimate heat seal strength – hermetic seal
Printpack Value Added Features - OTM
  • Slider
  • Press to close
  • Inno-lok
  • Hook to hook (Aplix)
Printpack Value Added Features - Re-Close
  • Simply peel to open and swipe to re-close
  • Combines a patented label technology with high-performance barrier films to provide an innovative easy-open feature with repeatable “swipe” reseal
  • Engineered adhesive formulation for repeatable performance
Printpack Value Added Features - Reseal It
  • Customized shielding made in-house so we can offer custom packaging formats
  • FFS machines or stand-up pouch designs
  • Aesthetics, shelf appeal, or barrier, moisture, oxygen and partial light (barrier)
  • Package barrier modeling-based clear window in package, design stripe to align with graphic design and enhance shelf appeal
Printpack Value Added Features - Striped Metallized