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Sustainable Platform Development:
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Why Compostable Packaging?

Compostable packaging helps divert food waste from landfills to composting sites where the food waste and packaging can have next-life use as they are converted into soil. Printpack has a dedicated portfolio of pre-certified compostable films, inks, and adhesives to allow brands to design for certified-compostable packaging. Many of the compostable options are biobased, allowing for brands to have solutions that are both renewable and compostable.

Printpack’s Office of Sustainability has dedicated resources to ensure that we are partnered with the leading technology suppliers, university researchers, and industry groups. Through these partnerships, Printpack is able to provide the latest solutions and information to lead brands on their journey to compostable packaging and a more sustainable future.


We have established partnerships with non-governmental organizations to broaden our expertise and build more credibility with clients.

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We’re focused on sustainable packaging innovation

Take a glance at some of our Preserve™ compostable packaging development priorities.
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