June’s Associate Spotlight Series - Printpack
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June’s Associate Spotlight Series


Alberto Padilla Associate Spotlight June 2024

Alberto Padilla started his Printpack career journey over 34 years ago, working as a Roll-Changer in Los Angeles, CA. A few months later he became a machine operator, and due to his skills, was invited to move to North Carolina. He was later promoted to supervisor, and today he is the Performance Systems Manager at Printpack Medical in Marshall. He has had several professional growth opportunities at Printpack throughout the years.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Alberto came to the US when he was 18. Passionate about English, he moved to the US to learn the language but went way beyond that. Alberto is also a talented cook. He owned a Mexican restaurant for a few years, but when the business was not going well, he was invited to rejoin Printpack.

Let’s learn more about his career journey in his own words.

1. Why did you choose to work at Printpack?

My older brother used to work for a company bought by Printpack, and he highly recommended it.

2. What do you currently do at Printpack?

My role focuses on continuous process improvement. Everything I do with my team aims to improve our machines, maintenance, safety, productivity, waste, and quality.

3. What do you like most about your role and Printpack?

I like the fact that I understand the needs of the business. I’m able to make an impact and help the company improve.

4. What is the best part of working at Printpack?

The people – with good people, we create a pleasant work environment and make a difference together. Also, Printpack has a lot of opportunities for learning and growth, and it is an inclusive and friendly work environment.

5. Would you recommend Printpack to other professionals?

I have recommended Printpack to multiple people because I know it’s a great company to work for, with promotion opportunities and excellent benefits.

6. What makes a successful associate at Printpack?

Positive attitude, teamwork, and openness to continuous improvement. Sometimes, people are against change because they’ve been doing the job for a long time, but being open-minded is the key to success.

7. Words of wisdom to those looking for a new opportunity.

Dedication and perseverance

8. What was a challenge you’ve overcome in your career?

English is my second language, so it was a big challenge at the beginning, and it became more complex as I progressed in my career. However, I dedicated time to learning it and overcame the language and cultural differences. Nowadays, Printpack and North Carolina feel like home to me.


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