Associate Spotlight Series: Meet Robin Millington - Printpack
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Associate Spotlight Series: Meet Robin Millington

A Printpack Associate Spotlight Series

Meet Robin D. Millington: Project Manager, Atlanta, GA

Robin D. Millington has been making a difference at Printpack, in Atlanta, for over 25 years. Since joining the company as an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) coordinator, she has pursued increasingly more complex and diverse roles in eBusiness, Information Technology (IT) and Project Management. Robin’s primary focus has been on team building, collaborative thinking, problem-solving, and building the eCommerce Infrastructure used to integrate Printpack’s internal systems and external trading partners. Robin is known for her can-do attitude, experience, and willingness to work on challenging projects while always supporting others.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Alabama State University and serving in the Army for 10 years, Robin transitioned to corporate America to continue her eCommerce journey. Throughout her tenure at Printpack, she has leveraged her military experience, focused on learning new skills, and has held seven challenging roles. Today, she is a Project Manager responsible for spearheading complex capital projects in support of Printpack’s plants and corporate headquarters.

When asked what motivates her to come to work every day, Robin says, “I am committed to contributing to the success of our company. The work I’ve done is instrumental in us collectively achieving our strategic objectives and overall success. From a personal perspective, I am involved in major projects where I get to lead cross-functional teams, build relationships, and have a positive impact on the company’s overall performance.”

Let’s dive into Robin’s Printpack journey in her own words.

Q. What skills were you able to transfer from the Military to Printpack?

A. Up to today, I still use the leadership, teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, and relationship-building skills I learned when I served in the Army. I also still work on the premise that every team member is vital to our overall success and that no team member should be left behind. “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” I strive to ensure that everyone understands the goal, the challenges, and what it will take for us to be successful.

Q. Why have you stayed with Printpack?

A. My passion for eCommerce was aligned with Printpack’s strategic initiatives of forming long-term connections with our customers and vendors. The Printpack leaders quickly recognized my desire to innovate, my leadership skills, and my learning agility and assigned me to lead some of the most challenging cross-functional projects impacting our organization. They believed in me and had faith in my ability to learn. I also had a great mentor once I got to Printpack. He helped me stay grounded and understand the corporate culture.

Q. How has Printpack helped you in your career development?

A. I’ve had great opportunities along the way. My leaders recognized my potential and invested in my growth. I participated in leadership programs, training, and development opportunities.

I was given the opportunity to lead projects where we onboarded customers, created and improved processes, reduced cost, mitigated risk, and integrated Printpack with our customers and vendors. The positions I’ve held have allowed me to bring value to my organization daily. Printpack has greatly impacted my career, and I’m sure I’ve also had an impact at Printpack. The work I have done has been fulfilling and has motivated me to want to do more.

Q. What helped you to be successful at Printpack?

A. Besides my leaders and the support I have had from my co-workers, my values are in direct correlation with Printpack’s Core Values of doing what we say we will do, care about what we do, treat people right, and focus on achieving results. We lead by example; that is enormously powerful.

Q. What do you like most about Printpack?

A. I love the cross-functional collaboration that is encouraged among co-workers. The PEOPLE I work with are great. We are encouraged to work as a team, and support and care for each other. I’m also proud of the people whom I’ve mentored. I’ve had the opportunity to meet younger associates and help them learn new skills. I’ve enjoyed helping others as I was helped.

Q. Words of wisdom to those transitioning from the Military to the corporate world.

A. Trust your instinct and your knowledge. It does not matter where you are; you must have a strong work ethic and be passionate about what you do. Whether it is protecting your country or the interest of your company, be open to learning and believe in yourself. You must be grounded in your faith. Be persistent and have a positive attitude about life.


About Printpack

Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Printpack is a privately-held flexible and specialty rigid packaging manufacturer. Employing over 3,200 associates worldwide, the company operates 19 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico. With investments in leading-edge technologies and a deep understanding of customer needs, Printpack has partnered with the most successful CPGs to launch new products and grow market share. Printpack’s purpose, Preserving and Enhancing People’s Lives, is continually demonstrated by the commitment to sustainable products, active involvement in the local communities, and the empowerment of all associates. To read more about life at Printpack and our open positions, click here.

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