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Printpack Announces Investment in an Additional Digital Press

Printpack, a leading supplier of flexible and specialty rigid packaging, announces its investment in an additional digital press. The digital press complements the conventional printing business by providing brand managers with the ability to test and be creative with flexible packaging products.  Printpack’s digital printing business significantly accelerates the new product introduction process and provides a cost-effective solution for shorter runs, making it well-suited for marketing campaigns, sustainability projects, prototyping, and emerging brands. Printpack also stocks standard structures to reduce lead time and increase speed to market.

“Over the past three years, we’ve seen our digital printing business grow and bring value to our customers by decreasing lead times and costs for critical, time-sensitive projects, consumer engagement initiatives, new product launches, and test markets. Our digital press allows us to better serve the growing trend of mass customization in consumer goods marketing and helps our customers stand out on the shelf in innovative ways. Brand managers and marketers can now be nimbler than ever in capitalizing on today’s fast-moving trends” says Karen English, Market Development Manager at Printpack.

The additional digital press will go live in April 2020. To learn more, please contact Karen English at

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