Printpack, ExxonMobil, and Pacific Coast Producers Bring Circularity to Fruit Cups - Printpack
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Printpack, ExxonMobil, and Pacific Coast Producers Bring Circularity to Fruit Cups

ATLANTA, GA – Printpack, ExxonMobil, and Pacific Coast Producers are working together to combine their respective expertise in materials production, materials converting, and food manufacturing to deliver a diced fruit bowl that supports plastic circularity initiatives through the inclusion of ISCC PLUS certified-circular plastic. With this launch, the three companies are working toward their goal of reducing plastic waste by supporting a circular economy for plastics.

Concern for plastic waste and its potential impact on the environment is growing globally as only a small fraction of plastic is being recycled. ExxonMobil is supporting the circularity of plastics through Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling.  ExxonMobil’s proprietary technology breaks down plastic waste into feedstock that can be used in making new plastics and other valuable products. The amount of plastic waste processed can be attributed through the ISCC PLUS mass balance free attribution approach to new, certified-circular polymers that provide the same quality and performance as virgin plastics. This allows converters like Printpack to use certified-circular ExxonMobilTM PP in existing converting processes.

Pacific Coast Producers will now use Printpack’s new diced fruit cups, which include 30% ISCC PLUS certified-circular plastic from ExxonMobil.

“We are excited to be the first to bring ISCC PLUS certified-circular material to the diced fruit cup market.  This is a significant milestone for Printpack as we continue to expand our portfolio of packaging that offers sustainability benefits.  Now in addition to being recyclable[1], these fruit bowls will have 30% ISCC PLUS certified-circular content.  That is an important step towards building a circular plastic economy,” remarked Dan Sanders, Product Development Manager, Printpack Rigid.

“Pacific Coast Producers is proud to be associated with the efforts of Printpack to manufacture packaging that is progressively more circular for our earth and our consumers. Together, we are engaged in an ever-evolving venture to provide shelf-stable, single-serve fruit products that are made from 30% ISCC PLUS certified-circular plastic.  We will gradually increase the number of cups that include certified-circular content with each seasonal pack. Our collective efforts to reduce landfill deposits, eliminate waste, and diminish pollution is the most important initiative a consumer-packaged goods company can pursue,” commented Andrew K. Russick, Pacific Coast Producer’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

“We are proud to work with Printpack to develop products that meet customer expectations for high-performance polypropylene products that help protect and keep food safe, while also helping to support the circular plastic economy,” said Olivier Lorge, Global Market Development Manager, Polypropylene, Vistamaxx™, and Exact™, ExxonMobil.

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[1] Recyclable in those communities that have programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle these items.


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Printpack is a leading manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging with over 60 years of experience helping brands improve retail visibility, heighten brand awareness, and capture market share.  Printpack combines unique insights into consumer preference with advanced technological capabilities in order to convert packaging concepts into reality. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Printpack is a privately held company that believes cooperation and integrity result in sustainable innovation.

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