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Printpack’s Williamsburg Plant Receives VPP Star Certification

Atlanta, August 3, 2021 – Printpack’s Williamsburg, VA facility was approved as a Virginia STAR Worksite under Virginia’s Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), the agency’s highest level of recognition for excellence in safety and health management systems. Today, Virginia Commissioner of Labor and Industry C. Ray Davenport presented Printpack Williamsburg with the Virginia “STAR Worksite” flag. Since the inception of Virginia STAR in 1996, only 73 STAR worksites have been recognized, and only 36 Virginia companies currently have retained the STAR designation.

Attaining Virginia VPP Star status is extremely rigorous. Participating employers agree to voluntarily participate in the program and to directly involve employees in all aspects of the company’s safety and health management systems. Requirements include an extensive application process, submission of written safety and health policies and procedures, demonstration of successful implementation of those programs through injury and illness rates that are below the national average for the employer’s industry, and an intensive weeklong inspection by a team of VPP experts.

Commissioner Davenport said, “The process of reaching Star, the highest recognition offered by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, is rigorous to ensure that only the best programs qualify. To do so despite the unprecedented challenges and the rapidly changing guidance of the COVID-19 virus was a monumental endeavor. The fact that I can stand here today and present the Star award to you is a validation of your strong commitment to worker safety, and the result of a truly combined effort towards a singular goal. It is an honor for me to be among management and employees who demonstrate such a strong commitment to excellence in workplace safety and health.”

Vice President and General Manager, Rigid Hwan Cho said, “Printpack’s Statement of Philosophy identifies our responsibilities as a company, including to Our Associates. A key part of the responsibility to our associates is to offer a safe workplace.  The Williamsburg plant leaders took on the challenge to drive continuous improvement in our approach to safety by working towards VPP Star certification.  Although the official VPP process started in March 2019, the journey started over 10 years ago by building the foundation of associate engagement which is a key component for VPP. We are incredibly proud of this achievement.  I am also very grateful to all our associates who embraced this effort to make us all safer.”


About Printpack
Printpack is a leading manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging with over 60 years of experience helping brands improve retail visibility, heighten brand awareness, and capture market share.  Printpack combines unique insights into consumer preference with advanced technological capabilities in order to convert packaging concepts into reality. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Printpack is a privately held company that believes cooperation and integrity result in innovation. To learn more, please call (404) 460-7000 or visit

About Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

It is the mission of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to make Virginia a better place in which to work, live, and conduct business. We will achieve this goal by promoting safe, healthful workplaces, best employment practices, job training opportunities through registered apprenticeship, the protection of children from hazardous employment, and safe operation of boiler and pressure vessels.

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