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Five Examples of How Your Brand Can Use Packaging for a Social Cause


Brand PurposeTo stay ahead in the ever-changing market of responsible consumers, today’s brands need to bring more to the table than just a quality product; a brand needs a purpose. Forward-thinking companies are beginning to look beyond traditional short-term sales goals and instead are asking the question: how can we make the world a better place?

Shoppers increasingly look for products that combine functional requirements with support for worthy initiatives that reflect their values. A recent study by Vrity measured the effects of values-driven messaging to determine if brand values are a factor when comparing equivalent products. Results showed that 82% of consumers would pay a premium for a brand that supports a cause that is important to them, and 43% would pay double the cost to support that brand.

Framing marketing campaigns around social causes leads to improved purchasing behavior. One of the most powerful ways to put your brand’s ‘purpose’ into action is through package design.

Here are five examples of brand purpose effectively aligned with package design ideas that create memorable experiences for consumers. Use this inspiration to tap into the trend and experience how taking a stand can drive business.

  1. Skittles: LGBTQ+ Pride

As a brand known for its vibrant, rainbow-clad pack, Skittles makes an annual statement for pride month with an all-gray theme to increase LGBTQ+ visibility and celebrate the community. However, in 2022, the new pride packaging will also feature the designs of six talented LGBTQ+ artists. Using smart packaging, buyers can scan a QR code to learn more about the artists and their illustrations.


  1. Seventh Generation: Clean with Purpose

This cleaning supply brand uses its packaging to communicate its mission of transforming the world into a healthy, sustainable place for the “next seven generations.” Using on-pack design to advertise their post-consumer recycled plastic and renewable plant-based ingredients, consumers are instantly made aware of these benefits and are invited to support the cause.

Seventh Generation Cleaning Supply PCR

  1. Bombas Socks: Donated Pair

When you buy a clothing item from Bombas, a clothing item of the same kind is donated to those experiencing homelessness. With a minimalist design, the on-pack message “one pair purchased, one pair donated” clearly connects shoppers to the impact of their purchase.

Bombas Sock Donation

  1. Caboo: Tree Free TP

Caboo’s simple packaging lets shoppers know that their products are “tree-free” and encourages buyers to make a big difference with small daily decisions. Their irreverent style tells consumers that “it’s up to us to save our butts” from climate change. Their toilet paper, paper towels, and baby wipes are made from bamboo, a sustainable resource that uses a fraction of the water, carbon, and pesticides required for paper-based products.

Caboo tree free paper products

  1. Brawny: Strength has No Gender

During Women’s History Month, Brawny celebrates generations of female pioneers with their limited-edition packaging, replacing its iconic “Brawny Man” with an image of a woman. This design is accompanied by smart packaging linking to a videos series about women who have succeeded in traditionally male-dominated professions, as well as a donation partnership with Girls Inc.

Brawny Smart Packaging Womens History Month

Purposeful purchasing is here to stay! Taking a stand on social issues could become the foundation for your future branding success. How can your brand use packaging to tell a story and support a social cause?

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