Salty Snacks

The salty snacks market has continued to serve as a primary go to source for consumers when quick hunger taste buds take over. To name a few, our salty snacks market includes: pretzels, chips, nuts, and popcorn. While many consumers seek to have an easy, quick, and convenient experience in the consumption process, Printpack provides just the right solution to accommodate consumer needs. As an industry leader in packaging salty snacks, our resealable packaging provides an efficient way to keep snacks freshly restored. We understand that extended shelf life is a necessity for consumers to ensure that their product is well worth the cost, which is why our snack packaging is nothing less than the best. If you want your product to contain multiple consumer convenience features, come with a bottle seal, and provide clear barrier options, become a part of the tag with our side gusset bag.

Salty Snacks
Bar wrap
Salty Snacks Bar Wrap
  • High impact graphics
  • Surface finishes include matte, gloss, embossed and many more.
  • Clear barrier options available for product visibility
  • Cold seal films which require no heat
Pillow pouch
Salty Snacks Pillow Pouch
  • Pillow pouches are the most frequently used pouch forms
  • Various sizes available
  • Pillow pouch has a top-seal, bottom-seal and a back-seal
  • Add Metallic coating to protect your product from moisture, oxygen and light for a longer shelf life
Stand up pouch
Salty Snacks Stand Up Pouch
  • Custom engineered films and rollstock for form, fill and seal applications
  • Pre-made pouches and bags with a wide variety of features available (shapes, spouts, easy open, reclose, etc.)
  • Structures for any application including hot fill aseptic and retort
Side gusset bag
Salty Snack Gusset
  • A pouch with two side gussets and a bottom seal
  • Various sizes available
  • Multiple consumer convenience features such as re-sealable zippers, tear notches, etc.
Salty snacks go cup lidding
  • Preformed cups for salty snacks
  • Customizable barrier properties to meet your products’ needs
  • Stock or customized design options for preformed cups
  • On-the-go designs provides portability and convenience
*Other packaging formats available. Please contact us for more information.